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Where Haircare  &Mental Wellness Advocacy  meet
Braid Street

Now offering Classes

*First class will be held on May 4th*

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The Brand

"I use my self-taught, hair braiding skill as a bridge for my passion to connect with people on an emotional/spiritual level. I believe that the time we spend with our hair stylists/barbers is not only frequent, but also impactful to our energy."

~Soely X.

Braid Street offers a safe space, which facilitates intentional conversations, making everyone who experiences the vibe, feel empowered, inspired and refreshed. 

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Reopening in September*

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S. Whitfield

“Soely did cornrows without extensions on my hair as a protective style. Little did I know I would be in Jamaica 3 weeks later and my hair still looked fresh! It held up well during my trip. I will be getting another set for my Mediterranean Cruise this month


Staff Sergeant Y. Cousins-Henderson (USMC)

“Braid street is more than a hair experience. It is understanding the typical working Woman’s schedule. The business has gone out its way not only to learn every texture of hair, but also every individual customer and their needs.”

Corporal E. Maddox (USMC)

Soely’s service was spectacular, I honestly did not feel like I was there for as long as the appointment took. She were so kind and great to talk to. I am loving this style, and have gotten soooooo many compliments. I cannot wait to book with her again! ❤️

K. Hayward

“Soely is great!! First time meeting her last Saturday and she did such a great job on my two strand twists!! She is real easy to talk to and it just makes the experience a lot better. I recommend anyone who needs to get their hair done, reach out to SOELY!!”

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