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About Soely

Braid Street's Origin

Braid Street was founded by Soely X., a Marine Corps Veteran from Brooklyn, who brought her braid skills and warm vibes to the West Coast. 

Braid street is more than a place to get styled; it also provides a safe space for a nonjudgmental experience. The Braid street culture embodies self-worth, love, accountability and expression. It also promotes empowerment & positive vibes. Braid Street’s Mission is to give back to the natural texture community through education regarding healthy hair care routines, braiding techniques for protective styles and to offer a fresh perspective while we facilitate intentional conversations that surround mental wellbeing and accountability during our appointments. 

Soely X.

From the concrete jungle of Brooklyn NY to the palm tree infested streets of San Diego, Soely is of Afro-Latin decent, by way of Puerto Rico. A Marine corps Veteran having been considered lucky to visit places such as Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, and Thailand. Soely explains this experience as nothing shorter than necessary for our generation. She believes travel should be our birthright. Cultural competence and mindfulness are valuable characteristics and personality traits that Soely embodies. The veteran community will always be a place Soely is proud to be apart of. She makes it a priority to give back to her brothers n sisters in arms through discounts for active duty and free pop-up braid bars for the homeless population via Veterans organizations throughout the San Diego area. 

Soely joined the Marine Corps, and later went on to graduate with her Bachelors in Business Administration from Alliant International University. 

Soely is a natural healer and styling braids is a vehicle she uses to stay connected with her guests.

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